Example Resumes for Trade Professionals



Trade resumes are helpful tools for craft professionals to use when searching for jobs. Since these types of roles focus more on work experience than education, it's important to frame your trade resume in a way that highlights your background. Learning about the important components of trade resumes through looking at several examples can help you create an excellent one. In this article, we explore what trade resumes are, offer steps to take to write one and provide a few trade resume examples for multiple positions.

What is a trade resume?

A trade resume is a professional document used to showcase someone's skills, background and achievements in a trade-related career. Trade jobs are ones that require supplementary training rather than additional education. Typically, these resumes focus on an individual's professional experience and relevant skills related to the industry. Some common trade jobs that use these resumes include:

How to write a trade resume

Follow these steps when writing your trade resume:

1. Review the job posting

When beginning your trade resume, it's helpful to reread the job description for the position that interests you. This helps you see what qualifications the employer is looking for in a candidate. It can also help you see if your experiences and skills align with the position's expectations.

2. Select a resume template

Find a resume template to use when filling out your resume. There are many options online and in word processing programs. When choosing a template, find one that matches your preferences and would best showcase your information.

3. Provide your contact information

Gather your most up-to-date contact information. This includes your current address and phone number. Also, include a professional email address. The contact information goes at the top of the resume for employers to access easily when they are interested in setting up an interview.

4. Include your work experience

Create a list of related trade jobs you have had over the past 10 years, beginning with your most recent position. Here you include the position title, company name, location of the company and years of employment. In a bulleted section below, list your job responsibilities and key achievements. Begin each bullet with an action verb, such as "led" or "created." Use past tense for all jobs except your present position.

5. List industry-related skills

Brainstorm industry-related skills you have. These may include a combination of soft and hard, or technical, skills. Mention skills you have that the employer included in the job description. For instance, if an employer is looking for someone who has proficiency with hand tools and you are an expert with hand tools, include that in your resume. It's helpful to add adjectives before your skills to describe your competency.

6. Add certifications and licenses

Trade jobs often involve apprenticeship programs where students gain hands-on experience and earn a certification upon completion. Create a section for current certifications or licenses you have. Include the license number, granting organization and date earned.

7. Mention your educational background

The highest level of education for trade jobs is often a high school diploma or GED. Consider including a section that mentions your highest level of education. Add the name of your school and graduation year.

8. Write your professional summary

In a brief paragraph, summarize your experiences and achievements. This can mention what skills you possess to make you qualified for the position. Also, consider including how this role aligns with your overall career goals.

9. Fill the template with your information

Once you gathered all your necessary information, place it in the appropriate sections of your resume template. Remember to include your work experience and education in reverse chronological order, with the most recent first. Check for correct formatting when compiling information in your template.

10. Proofread your resume

Finally, review your resume. Proofread for common grammatical mistakes, such as spelling errors or missing punctuation. To see if your resume sounds right, read it aloud.

Trade resume examples

Use these trade resume examples for guidance when creating your own:

Example 1: Electrician

Here's an example of an electrician trade resume:

Cornelius BowenLos Angeles, CaliforniaCBowen@email.com

Personal statement: Knowledgeable electrician with over five years of experience repairing circuits. Committed to providing the best service possible to homes while making quick decisions. Looking to further experience in residential electrician settings.

Work experience

ElectricianSteve's ElectricsLos Angeles, California
October 2020 — February 2021

ElectricianWilson ElectricalLos Angeles, California
March 2015 — October 2020


Certifications and licenses

California Electrician License
State of California Licensing Board, April 2015


High School diploma
Shore Creek High School, 2014

Example 2: Wind turbine technician

Here's an example of a wind turbine technician trade resume:

Shelley GarrettRock Port, MissouriShelleyGarrett@email.com

Professional summary

Experienced wind turbine technician with expansive technical knowledge on how to repair malfunctions. Dedicated to providing exceptional support and offering creative solutions.

Work experience

Wind turbine technicianHiggins EnergyRock Port, Missouri
April 2019 — present

Wind turbine technicianFresh Wind, Inc.Springfield, Missouri
July 2017 — April 2019


Certifications and licenses

Wind Turbine Service Technician
Electronics Technicians Association International, 2019

Example 3: Home inspector

Here's an example of a home inspector trade resume:

Mindy McLaughlinDenver, ColoradoMindyMcLaughlin@email.com

Professional summary

Fully certified home inspector with over 35 years of experience in the industry. Strong attention to detail when reviewing homes to ensure they meet building codes and are safe to live in. Interested in a job to grow into long-term.

Work experience

Home inspectorLBR InspectionsDenver, Colorado
2010 — present

Home inspectorDevon's Property InspectionsDenver, Colorado
1985 — 2010


Certifications and licenses

Certified Home Inspector
International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, 1985


High school diploma
Steven Area High School, 1982